1. AMEB most current Manual of Music Syllabuses  (2012)

  2. AMEB Teachers Handbook       

  3. AMEB Grade Books and a diverse range of sheet music (For all instruments, all available for purchase)

  4. Supplementary Materials : Technical Workbooks /Aural Tests /Sightreading Books/General  Knowledge

  5. Theory/Musicianship (Blitz & D.Holland range)

  1. Quality Professional Grand Pianos 

   (3 x Kawai Grand Pianos, Bernstein, Yamaha) 

  1. Top Quality Upright Pianos

   (French - Pleyel, German - Sauter, Czech - Petrof)

  1. Heavy Duty Music Stands & Wittner Metronomes

  2. Top quality stereo systems for recording playback

  3. Studio Recording System & Microphones

As a school, we currently offer 9 studios in 2 Sydney locations, one in Castle Hill and one in Chatswood, for the convenience of the students and parents.


All Con Brio studios fulfill the requirements of an AMEB examination studio, where they are all equipped with:

Castle Hill

Castle Hill Studio 1

Castle Hill Studio 2



Chatswood Studio 1

Chatswood Studio 2

Chatswood Studio 3

Chatswood Studio 4

Chatswood Studio 5

Castle Hill Studio Studio 3

Chatswood Studio - Waiting Area