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Con Brio is No. 1 Once Again

2016 AMEB Top Music School

Happy New Year to all students, parents, friends and supporters of Con Brio. We are delighted to welcome all our students back with excellent news from the AMEB.

Our school has received wonderful news from the AMEB of being awarded 2 very prestigious awards:

🥇AMEB Teaching shield for Most Outstanding Studio or Music School – Preliminary to 6th Grade

🥇AMEB Teaching shield for Most Outstanding Studio or Music School – 7th Grade to Licentiate

Con Brio has now won this award for the fourth-year in a row since this awards debut last year! Con Brio is now proud to hold a total of seven teaching shields for the strongest AMEB results in NSW

Our school representatives will be attending the Diploma Ceremony, to be held on the 12th of March, 2017, along with the 14 successful diploma candidates from our school who will be receiving either their AMusA or LMusA, to collect the new awards.

Our school prides in having a strong team of teachers who always work together to ensure the highest quality of music education and techniques to pass onto a new generation of students who are developing a strong interest and motivation towards music.

We look forward to working closely with our students to continue producing top results through high quality musicianship.

Don’t forget to check out the updates results.

Once again, Well Done All!


2016 AMEB Results and Eisteddfods Awards

We are proud to announce that 2016 was another top performing year for Con Brio School of Music. Again, we would like to congratulate our students for their outstanding achievements, the effort they have put in to achieve such a great result, and their parents who contributed equally as much to help their children to achieve such great results.

We have just published our result list, for:


Wrapping up 2016 – Our result for the year

A quick highlight of our achievements so far in 2016 across all instrumental and theory subjects:

  • 14 Successful Diplomas for Piano and Violin (11 AMusA 3 LMusA)
  • AMEB: A+ = 24 candidates
  • AMEB: A = 47 candidates
  • AMEB: HD in Theory (95+) = 8 candidates
  • HSC: 3 Encore nominations
  • Conservatorium: Entry into the Bachelor of Music Studies University Degree
  • Conservatorium High School: 2 students successful

The biggest congratulation to these outstanding students as well as their hard working teachers and dedicated parents who have made these results possible!

Additionally, we are more than proud to share with you our new awards we picked up earlier this year at the NSW AMEB Diploma Ceremony in March:

Most Outstanding Music School for both categories of
“Preliminary to Sixth Grade” and “Seventh to Licentiate”
across all instrumental and theory subjects.



14 AMEB Diplomas awarded in 2016

We are very proud of our hard working students and their talented teachers to have produced ………. (drumroll)…………………….

14 successful AMEB diplomas this year!!!!

Highlights include:
– Licentiate Diploma with Distinction for Piano (13 Yrs)
– Associate Diploma with Distinction for Piano (AMusA) by our youngest student at the age of 10.
– 3 Licentiate Diplomas with Pass for Piano and Violin
– 9 Associate Diplomas with Pass for Piano and Violin

These results were only possible from a fine collaboration between teacher, student and of course their supportive parents and families.

Con Brio congratulations all the Students and Teachers involved, along with their supportive families, you know who you are.

Thank you also to all the hard working examiners for your support and encouragement for our students and recognising their ability through these awards.

We will be celebrating with them at the AMEB Diploma ceremony next year (12th March 2017) where they will appear on the stage to receive their prestigious awards. Well Done!


2016 AMEB Diploma Award
2016 AMEB Diploma Award

Three Music Scholarships in 2015


1. Congratulations to Mary Ma – for receiving a Full 100% Scholarship for Ravenswood School for Girls


In April 2015, Mary has successfully been awarded a Full Music Scholarship to Ravenswood School for Girls, a prestigious private school in the North Shore. Together with her teacher Steven Teng, she prepared a program of Moszkowski’s Etude in F major Op.72 No. 6 and Bartok’s Six Romanian Dances on the piano, and Vivaldi’s 3rd movement of ‘Summer’ from the Four Seasons Op.8 and the 1st of Dvorak’s Romantic Pieces Op.75 on the Violin. Her pieces were attentively prepared and her proficiency in both instruments placed her strongly at the top.

Prior to this in 2014, Mary worked diligently to achieve great results to prepare for her success for the Music Scholarship:

-AMEB Piano: Certificate of Performance (CMus) – High Distinction A+
-AMEB Violin: Grade 5  – High Distinction A+
-AMEB Theory Grade 4 – Honours 93/100
-Sydney Eisteddfod: 1st Place, 3rd Place and Highly Commended x2
-Hawkesbury Eisteddfod: 1st Place x 5, Including the Championship
-Ryde Eisteddfod: 1st Place x 2, Highly Commended
-St George Eisteddfod: 3rd Place

Mary’s excellent preparation was a key aspect in her accomplishment, as well as the teacher’s highest quality of tutelage. As a school we are so glad to see another deserving student being granted this amazing reward after years of work!

2. Congratulations to Ursula Philips – for receiving a 50% Scholarship for Barker College


Our Ursula has successfully been awarded a 50% Music scholarship for Barker College. She performed exceptionally well for her audition which included one French horn piece and also an item on the piano “Steir – The Sweet Bye and Bye”. She is currently on Grade 6 level on the French horn.

Under the guidance of our head of school, Peter Wang, she was awarded a pass in grade 8 piano in 2014 at the age of 13, which is a fantastic achievement and the result of her hard work.

Audition preparation was a key factor in her success, she prepared her pieces beautifully, and she also demonstrated a wide knowledge in music by playing on the French horn. Her passionate performance highly impressed the music director as it displayed her musicality and also technical development thoroughly, which then resulted in her success.

3. Congratulations to Corinna Chen – for receiving the 2015 Full Music Scholarship for Pymble Ladies College (PLC)


Our Corinna has successfully been awarded the Full Music Scholarship for PLC, which offers full remission for her academic tuition for the duration of high school (PLC school fees range on average from $26,000 ~ $28,000). Only a handful are awarded a year across the school so this is an outstanding achievement!

Under the guidance of our head of school, Peter Wang, she was enrolled for two practical exams in 2013, 8th Grade and Certificate of Performance (Cmus), both from the AMEB traditional syllabus, and she passed both with the highest result of Distinction (A+). She also sat for the 4th Grade Theory exam, which she prepared diligently with theory teacher Steven Teng, and passed with a very high mark of 94/100.  These are all fantastic results that were the result of Corinna working very hard with her teachers.

Corinna was also busy participating in many eisteddfods in 2013, where she won many piano championships and also won a section at the prestigious Sydney Eisteddfod. Well Done!

Audition preparation for the scholarship was a key factor in her successful award. She prepared the beautiful Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu in C# minor (an advanced romantic CMus piece) and Vallier’s dazzling Toccatina (a virtuosic 20th-century piece). Her flair and passionate performance impressed the music director immensely as it displayed her musicality and technical development thoroughly.

Are you currently thinking of preparing your child for private school scholarships? Please speak to your teacher or Frances for more detailed information; below are some leading private music schools that offer music scholarships:


Sydney Grammar
Knox Grammar
Barker College
Grammar School (SHORE)
The Kings School


Pymble Ladies College (PLC)
Methodists Ladies College (MLC)
Tara Anglican School for Girls