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Two No.1 Shields


2014 AMEB Awards
Teachers Shield for both Piano categories were awarded to Head of School Peter Yi-Bin Wang on behalf of Con Brio School of Music.
Con Brio is proud to announce that in the year 2014 our students, parents, and teachers’ hard work paid off once again and we were awarded the most prestigious awards at the AMEB Diploma Ceremony held on the 8th of March 2015. We did not get only one teachers shield, but TWO shields, claiming the top results for Piano across all levels!
Cathy Fraser (left) presenting shields to Peter Wang
Cathy Fraser (left) presenting shields to Peter Wang

We were awarded:

Private Teacher Pianoforte Shield – Preliminary to Sixth Grade Category
Private Teacher Pianoforte Shield – Seventh to Licentiate Category
Top 5 Teachers Award – Private Teacher Written Category


Scholarship Award – Congratulations to Amanda Tao

amanda-tao-scholarship-award-tara-anglican-schoolCongratulations to Amanda Tao for receiving a Full 100%Scholarship for Tara Anglican School for Girls.

In July 2015, Amanda was successfully awarded a Full Music Scholarship to Tara Anglican School for Girls, a prestigious private school in North Parramatta. This scholarship is to support talented students like Amanda through her school studies, where the school will provide her school fees across year 7-12, of approximately $150,000.

Together with Con Brio’s Elite team of teachers, she prepared a program of Liszt’s Liebestraum and Rimsky-Korsakov/Rachmaninoff’s Flight of the Bumble Bee. These are very mature and difficult works of music and Amanda presented them with flair and confidence.

Prior to this in 2014, Amanda worked diligently to achieve great results to prepare for her success for the Music Scholarship:

  • AMEB Piano: Grade 7 Piano for Leisure
  • High Distinction A+
  • Sydney Eisteddfod: 3rd Place and Highly Commended x2

Amanda’s diligent preparation with her teacher was a key aspect to this prestigious award. As a music school, we are so glad to see another deserving student being granted this amazing reward after years of work! She is now working hard to complete her Certificate of Performance (CMus) and 4th Grade theory of music.

Are you currently thinking of preparing your child for private school scholarships? Please speak to your teacher or Frances for more detailed information; below are some leading private music schools that offer music scholarships:


♂ Sydney Grammar
Knox Grammar
Barker College
Grammar School (SHORE)
The Kings School


Pymble Ladies College (PLC)
Methodists Ladies College (MLC)
Tara Anglican School for Girls


Great Eisteddfod results and Another Full Music Scholarship!

The piano sections for the 2015 Sydney Eisteddfod are over and Con Brio is proud to share some of our results from our bright students, who have worked diligently with their teachers.

Well done to the following students and their fantastic achievements. Any placing, including a Highly Commended, is a very prestigious award that highlights the high level of performance and teaching conducted at the Con Brio School of Music, as the eisteddfod is highly competitive and draws on the most talented students across the nation.

1st Prize

Samuel L – Russian Piano, Any Age
Samuel L – Recital Award, 17yrs
Ken L – Australian Piano, 19yrs and under
Corinna C – Recital Award, 12yrs
Corinna C – 19th Century, 12 yrs
Corinna C – Polyphony, 12yrs and under
Kyle L – Recital Award, 11yrs and under
Kyle L – 19th Century, 10yrs and under
Kyle L – 20th or 21st Century, 9yrs and under

2nd Prize

Mary M – Recital Award, 12yrs
Jessie G – 19th Century, 12yrs

3rd Prize

Mary M – 20th or 21st Century, 12yrs
Darren J – Piano, 8yrs

Highly Commended

Hayden K – Australian Piano, 19yrs and under
Eugene N – Chopin Piano, 15yrs and under
Ken L – 19th Century, 15yrs and under
Corinna C – 18th Century, 12yrs
Amanda T – 20th or 21st Century, 12yrs and under
Amanda T – Recital, 11yrs
Amanda T – 19th Century, 11yrs and under
Owen J – 18th Century, 10yrs and under
Kyle L – 18th Century, 10yrs and under
Crystal J – 20th or 21st Century, 10yrs under
Ian G – Pre-20th Century, 9yrs and under
Kyle L – Pre-20th Century, 9yrs and under
Nelson Z – Piano, 8yrs and under

Well done to all our students for this phenomenal achievement. Other eisteddfods that are about to start are St George, Ryde, Penrith, Castle Hill, and Hawkesbury, we wish all our students the best of luck.