Angus Wong

Angus Wong

Violinist | Pianist

Collette Zhang Violin Piano

LMusA (Violin)
AMusA (Piano)
HSC Encore Nominee

Angus Wong was introduced to the musical world at an early age, beginning with piano studies at the age of 4 and commencing violin studies shortly after at the age of 5. Throughout the years he has been awarded many prizes in musical eisteddfods such as Ryde, Parramatta and Galston for both violin and piano. Angus has since achieved an Associate Diploma for Piano from the A.M.E.B (AMusA) and a Licentiate Diploma for Violin from the A.M.E.B (LMusA).

Furthermore, Angus is experienced with the requirements for musical performance in the HSC, successfully attaining 95/100 for Music 2 and 50/50 for Music Extension. In addition to this, he was nominated for the HSC ‘Encore’ concert at the Sydney Opera House. Angus also has extensive ensemble experience from his membership as a 1st violin in both the Sydney Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and the Flagship Sydney Youth Orchestra.

As a teacher, Angus believes that success is achieved through inspiration and that the role of a teacher is beyond simply transferring knowledge to the student. He trusts that a genuine enjoyment of a subject is naturally followed by self-propagation and holds this as a key element to enhancing learning in all areas.