Our Vision

Our Vision

Con Brio

Con Brio. with brilliance and sprit.

These two Italian musical terms are often found in masterpieces of the great composers, also being an all time favourite of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s music.

At Con Brio, we believe in order to fully unleash a students inner talents, they must feel the music whole heartedly. Hence, the teachers of con brio are trained to bring out the interest and passion of music within the student. This is done through innovative and effective teaching methods, along with practical demonstration. For the many who have experienced our teaching philosophy, and are continuing to do so, have all been rewarded with outstanding achievements, in and outside of school.

For those who have developed a serious attitude towards music, we then try to facilitate them in a career pathway building. We will provide them with insightful information about the music industry, career advice, giving them thorough knowledge in order for them to make their future decisions.

Our Head of School, Peter Yi-Bin Wang, in constantly building valuable networks for our future rising stars. The key, is to create opportunities, both locally and internationally, opening doors to all musical fields. These include, performing, teaching, composing, music management/sales, recording production, sound engineering, event liaison, and many more.

Included on this page, you will find some of our established partnerships locally and internationally.

Locally in Australia

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music is one of the most prestige music institution in the southern hemisphere. Con Brio students are offered performances at the conservatoriums professional venues such as the Recital Halls, as well as masterclasses with Conservatorium professors to help student build up their confidence and to broaden their musical knowledge.

Peter Wang with Professor Kim Walker, Dean of Sydney Conservatorium
Peter Wang with Professor Kim Walker, Dean of Sydney Conservatorium
Peter Wang with Professor Anne Boyd, Pro-Dean (Academic) of Sydney Conservatorium
Peter Wang with Professor Anne Boyd, Pro-Dean (Academic) of Sydney Conservatorium


Message from the Leading Australian Pianist,
Chair of Keyboard Unit, Sydney Conservatorium of Music,

Dr. Paul Rickard-Ford

Dr. Paul Rickard-Ford
Dr. Paul Rickard-Ford
“As patron of The Con Brio School of Music, I am delighted to have the opportunity to provide a message on behalf of the school and the service it provides.

The musicianship and talent the Con Brio School of Music inherits is simply phenomenal, and are at levels that can rarely be matched by music schools from anywhere around Australia.

Starting with the teachers, the school takes on some of the finest; most experienced and most qualified musicians the world of music has to offer, and aspires to pass all of their qualities onto its students. Aside from this, the school offers frequent opportunities for all of its students to perform in internal and external events; building self-esteem, experience, and useful additions in each of their portfolios. One may expect such a premium service to come at a premium cost, but the Con Brio School of Music rivals even some of the most competitive music education services available!

 The Con Brio School of Music will undoubtedly create an extremely positive footprint in the music education system, and it is already generating interest from renowned music schools across the globe.

I wish the Con Brio School of Music every success in its endeavours, and I am confident it will redefine the standards of music education within Australia, and indeed the world.”

Paul Rickard-Ford

Leading Australian Pianist
Chair of Keyboard Unit at the
Sydney Conservatorium of Music


Internationally, our school currently has established connections with China’s leading Music Institutions, the Central Conservatory and the Shanghai Conservatory. Music camps and student exchanges, which allow interaction with Asias musical culture, are being planned and will soon take place for students of Con Brio, allowing the talents to be heard by a wider audience.